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Historic Exhibition Fencing

What is exhibition fencing?

This form of fencing is unique to Prima Spada. The goal of historical exhibition swordplay is to showcase a form of fencing that can be performed as a recreational activity to simulate an historical duel. It can be practiced by participants for the enjoyment of historical swordplay in a social recreational environment, used for displaying the art of dueling, and as a performance for entertaining an audience with realistic but safe swordplay.

Historical exhibition fencers practice techniques at slow speed and at a greater distance than sport or classical fencers. This enables them to learn actions and perform a swordplay that does not rely on fast instantaneous responses that would require the wearing of heavier protective clothing and masks.

Historical Exhibition swordplay is more a performance than a competition and emphasizes clean form and technique over athleticism, timing and tactics.

Prima Spada School Syllabus

Prima Spada, the foremost and longest established historic fencing school in Queensland, offers students from all levels of ability, classes in historic European weaponry.

Starting from beginners, right through to advanced and competent swordsmen, Prima Spada can train you in a variety of weapons codes in a friendly, structured and safe environment.

In addition to the structured training syllabus, Prima Spada also offers casual combat nights open for people to train in a variety of specialist codes, such as polearms, staff, hand and half, sword and shield, long sword with and without buckler.

Classes are kept to a small number to allow for personal tuition, but private classes are also available.

Our instructors have over 20 years of combined experience in tuition. The Chief Intructor, Keith Beattie, is a qualified fencing coach with veteran experience in combat and tuition. All instructors have been trained and are qualified to teach in the Prima Spada fencing syllabus.

Beginner classes run for 8 weeks, and introduce the student to single handed renaissance rapier. In small classes, we will teach basic combat skills safely and effectively ensuring period accurate techniques, for the enjoyment of historic swordplay.

In joining Prima Spada, the students move through the grades at their own pace, learning new and advanced techniques, which build upon previous classes. In advanced classes the students adopt their techniques in use of companion weapons such as rapier and dagger, rapier and cape, sword and buckler, and two handed sword.

For those who enjoy the highest challenge, Prima Spada will teach students the complex and highly specialised Case of Rapier and multiple opponents combat. As well students will be given the opportunity to combat with mixed weapon codes, such as rapier verses two handed sword, polearms verse two handed sword and long sword against sword and buckler.

Syllabus and School Grading

Beginners Classes

8 Weeks (Single Rapier)


(Rapier, Sword and Two-handed Sword Combat)


(Rapier, Sword and Two-handed Sword Combat)

Free Scholar

(Rapier, Sword, Two-handed Sword, Advanced Free Combat)


(Rapier, Sword, Two-handed Sword, Rapier and Dagger, Sword and Buckler, Rapier and Cape, Advanced Free Combat)

Swordsman Diestro

(Rapier, Sword, Two-handed Sword, Companion Weapons, Case of Rapier, Multiple Opponents, Mixed Multiple Weapons, Hand-and-a-half Sword, Grappling, Unarmed Combat - Very Advanced Combat)

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