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Prima Spada Historical Sports Fencing Syllabus

In addition to the Exhibition Fencing syllabus and the Classical Sports Fencing, Prima Spada also offers recreational Historical Sport Fencing, with historical period accurate reproduction weapons such as medieval long sword and pole arm, renaissance sword and rapier, and small sword. This will appeal to fencers who do not want to do historical exhibition/re-enactment fencing, but want a more competitive historical fencing tuition.

What is Historic Sport Fencing?

Like modern sport fencing with foil, epee and saber, Historic Sports Fencing emphasizes athleticism and tactics, attempting to win a fencing bout within the rules and conventions, usually following the modern competition format model. Normally, the weapons such as late medieval period long sword, late Renaissance period rapier and the enlightenment period small sword, are historically accurate and non-electric. Competition is of a similar format to classical fencing, and follows rules that resemble those used before the electric scoring system. Like Classical fencing, Historic Sports fencing emphasizes historically accurate form and technique over athleticism and tactics.

Class Format

A group class format is adopted at Prima Spada for historical sports fencing, and is for all students wishing more combative competitive fencing. The group class format gives the student a working background in the basic concepts of historical fencing with a variety of historical weapons and companion weapons such as dagger, buckler and cape. Any historic sports fencing student must participate in a lesson before floor fencing. This ensures good quality fencing and safety for others.

This form os historic sports fencing requires protective equipment such as mask, gorget, gloves and vambraces, longsleeved padded doublet, and protective breaches.

Following the 30 minute group class, students are encouraged to floor fence with others so as to become more experienced in their fencing. They are also encouraged to fence regularly, until becoming experienced at their level. Prima Spada shall hold fencing competion regularly in school to encourage the sporting nature of the fencing.

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