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Prima Spada Affiliation and/or Involvement

Western Martial Academies of Australia
Represents Historical Swordplay groups in Australia
Queensland Living History Federation
Represents Queensland's living history and reenactment groups covering all eras.
The Abbey Museum
Located at Caboolture; a Medieval Tournament is held there annually, which we attend.

Sites of Interest

La Verdadera Destreza
The Destreza Translation & Research Project is engaged in translating the works of the Spanish fencing masters, and is producing a significant online information resource about everything to do with La Destreza.
Sword Forum International
An educational organization promoting history and culture through the study of swords and swordsmanship. Currently featuring an interesting article about the rapier.


Primary Sources

Carranza, Don Jeronimo (1569)
De la Filosofia de las Armas
Marozzo, Achille (1536)
Opera Nova
Narvaez, Don Luis Pacheco de. (1600)
Libro de las Grandezas de la Espada
Thibault, Gérard (1630)
Acadamie de l`Espee
Silver, George (1599 London)
Paradoxes of Defense
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