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Prima Spada Classical Sports Fencing Syllabus

In addition to the Renaissance Rapier and Sword Exhibition Fencing syllabus, Prima Spada also offers recreational Clasical Sport Fencing, with non-electric Foil, and Sabre. This will appeal to fencers who do not want to do historical exhibition/re-enactment fencing, but want a more classical and competitive fencing tuition. A group class format is adopted at Prima Spada, and is for all students, beginners and for people who can already fence. This gives the student a working background in the basic concepts of fencing with Foil as taught at Prima Spada. Any classical fencing student must participate in a lesson before floor fencing. This ensures good quality fencing and safety of others.

Following the 30 minute group class, students are encouraged to floor fence with others so as to become more experienced in their fencing. They are also encouraged to fence regularly, until becoming experienced at their level. Prima Spada shall hold fencing competion regularly in school to encourage the sporting nature of the fencing.

The Sport of Fencing

The whole idea behind the sport of fencing is to touch your opponent and not be touched yourself.
To do this we have:

  • Attacks
  • Defence
  • Mobility
  • Preparations (to help create opportunities)

Courtesy of Fencing

Fencing is a sport governed by Rules and Courtesy. Fencers should always abide by the rules of engagement, and be Honourable in Victory, and Gracious in Defeat - our School Motto.

When a student is in training, all actions and combat should be done With Courtesy. That is to say, with Correct Technique, with Control of all Actions, and conducted at a Training Speed.

When a Student has learned some basic fencing moves, because he has yet to master his technique application, his combat therefore, should also be done With Courtesy.

Fencing With Brutality will not be tolerated in Classical Fencing at Prima Spada.

Classical Fencing Weapons

The Foil

The Foil, was originally developed as a practice version of the small sword. The Foil has a rectangular section and flexible blade with a protected point. Hits can only be scored by using the tip to land attacks in a lunge or thrust.

The Epee

The Epee is the modern version of the duelling Cup-hilt Rapier. It has a triangular hollow ground blade, and a bell-shaped guard. It also has a protected point. Like the Foil, hits can only be scored by using the tip to land attacks in a lunge or thrust.

The Sabre

The Sabre is a light, flexible modern version of the military cavalry Sabre. Hits can be scored by using the edge as well as the tip.

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